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Let’s Talk Strength Training Ladies

Let’s talk strength training ladies & not for the usual aesthetic reasons most fitness professionals preach….

I AM NOT going to give you another predictable fitness post that offers up easy ways to fix all your flaws (even though you don’t have any), help you drop weight fast or look “like a supermodel in 30days”

I won’t tell you what workouts torch your fat best, or shape your body a certain way & I won’t ever promise you any of that but what I will share with you is the truth.

Your value as a women is NOT determined by your body fat percentage, your weight or your body shape It’s time to stop using your health and fitness especially Strength Training, merely as a means to build a body worthy the approval of others.

As you know I am huge advocate for women & strength training & today I am going to share with you WHY I feel so strongly about STRENGTH TRAINING for women….

Strength training will make you appreciate what you & your body is capable of….

When I start strength training with women they usually tell me all the aesthetic goals they want to achieve their emphasis is on changing their bodies. But as we progress I ALWAYS find the focus shifts toward their abilities. Chasing down pull up number 2, hitting the 100kg club on a deadlift, they get hungry for more and more. When their focus shifts to these performance based goals its amazing how much more dedicated and excited training becomes & fat loss if it was an initial goal just becomes a side effect.

Strength training is incredibly empowering…

Do you believe you could one day do a pull up or 10 push ups on your toes or deadlift 80kg? Most women I meet think this isn’t possible for them, that they just can’t possibly achieve this. Well that’s not true with a proper program, & consistent training its absolutely possible for ALL of you & once I take my girls on this journey & they reach these goals they feel instantly empowered.

You feel freaking fantastic when you strength train….

Unlike your traditional training for women that is all about calorie burning, making sure you leave utterly exhausted and sometimes even unmotivated to return, strength training if programmed correctly can make you feel amazing. Being sore or exhausted isn’t the best judge when it comes to a good strength workout, you should actually finish feeling accomplished and excited for the next one.

Strength training not only makes you physically strong but also mentally & emotionally strong…

My favourite of them all, I see this time & time again, when you feel physically strong it absolutely carries over & you start to feel both mentally & emotionally stronger too.

My Tams Tribe slogan is “Become the fittest, strongest, happiest, healthiest version of you” I see time & time again how strength training changes life not just bodies. You will gain more self belief & self confidence & it will carry over into all part of your life outside of the gym.

So, along with all the health benefit we’ve spoken about before from strength training you’ll also change you life by starting….

So what’s stopping you?

Much Love


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