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Train at home or the gym, and achieve your goals with expert advice!

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We help women with their long term fitness, health & strength training to gain the body they are confident in!

Committing to change your daily habits/lifestyle is no easy feat for anyone! Our mission is not only to properly educate you on good health & training principles that will help you reach and more importantly – maintain – your goals, but to provide extensive support/accountability so you know that you always have someone in your corner to help you! If you’re ready to make the necessary changes in your life to become your strongest, healthiest & happiest self with Tams Tribe by your side, we have a variety of package options that you may apply for below!

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Custom online strength programming

Sick of injuries or not knowing what exercise to prioritise? Get a workout program that is completely customised to your goals and circumstances – week in, week out.​

Improve your breathing, core & mobility


Improve the way your body moves in each moment of your day. Get ready to rewind your body’s niggles and lay the foundations for more effective and safe exercise.​

Beginners online guide to strength training

A fun and rewarding weekly workout program for women ready to feel more confident in themselves (without having to sweat their butts off).

5 tips to building a strong core


Why is a strong core important?

Your core stabilises your body, allowing you to move in any direction, improving balance, preventing falls and allows your body to function properly.

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