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Power Women | Strength Training Online | Tam's Tribe

Power Women -12 Weeks

Sick of yoyo dieting or not knowing what exercise to prioritise? Get a workout program and nutrition guidance that is completely customised to your goals and circumstances – week in, week out.​

Expert fitness advice, by women for women.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A fully customised training program, designed off the back of your goal setting session (conducted before your program begins)
  • A fully customised nutrition guidelines designed specifically for you & your goals 
  • A weekly training program of 3-5 sessions, delivered via our mobile app every Sunday (Yep! You may only need to train three times a week to achieve your goals and we don’t recommend training for the sake of training.)
  • All exercises can be completed at home or in a gym of your choosing
  • Friendly and detailed exercise demonstrations for every session, so you’re never left overwhelmed or uncertain about what to do
  • Weekly reviews of your exercise technique with feedback provided
  • Fortnightly online check ins with your coach scheduled ahead of time so we can discuss your program, progress, plus share feedback and useful tips
  • Access to our mobile app, where you can track your goals, progress and nutrition (should you wish to) + communicate directly with your coach
  • Access to our members-only Facebook Group – a kind and empowering online community where we share experiences and genuinely get behind each other so we can face our fears and grow together
  • Want to cancel or suspend your program? No worries the Power Women Program is 12 Weeks so after that you can opt out anytime. 

Want to find out if the POWER WOMEN program is right for you?

Who is POWER WOMEN for?

Far too often the fitness industry is guilty of pushing people too far outside of their comfort zone or focusing on the wrong types of exercise for the wrong reasons usually alongside an unhealthy diet culture.

The POWER WOMEN program is for women that want to enjoy their lives (and their exercise – we swear, it really can be enjoyable!), take back control of their health & their bodies now and in the years to come.

Maybe you’ve got plenty of strength training under your belt but need a helping hand to hit your next training goal, or maybe you’ve had an injury and want your body to recover, good as new or you might be a complete beginner.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your money on neglected gym memberships or overwhelmingly generic gym classes, or the next diet fad meal plan the POWER WOMEN program is waiting for you.

Improved health, happiness and self-confidence is right this way… 👇


What will you achieve with POWER WOMEN?

With the fully customised POWER WOMEN program in your pocket, you’ll develop the skills, discipline and self-belief you need to reach your goals. You’ll find that exercise will no longer feel like a chore and you won’r be left chasing the next diet fad. Because it won’t be scary or confusing. Instead you’ll have fun and find it easier than ever before to consistently commit to healthy habits.

You’ll learn things you never knew about your body and will develop a resilience that will help you to prevent future injuries and degeneration as you age. But more importantly, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident, not only in the gym but right across your life.

So what are you waiting for?

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Improve your breathing, core & mobility

An online program perfect for women who want to focus on improving their mobility & flexibility, increasing core strength, learning more functional breathing patterns.

Strong At Home Beginners Online Strength Training

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5 tips to building a strong core


Why is a strong core important?

Your core stabilises your body, allowing you to move in any direction, improving balance, preventing falls and allows your body to function properly.

Thanks for your interest in our e-book. Please check your inbox to download your copy!