Build your base – 4 WEEK PROGRAM – $49 (TOTAL)

Improve the way your body moves in each moment of your day. Get ready to rewind your body’s niggles and lay the foundations for more effective and safe exercise.​

What is included?

  • A weekly training program of 3 sessions, delivered via our mobile app every Sunday (Yep! We truly believe 3 sessions per week is more than enough.)
  • All exercises can be completed at home or in a gym of your choosing
  • Access to our mobile app, where you can track your goals, progress and nutrition (should you wish to) + communicate directly with your coach if you need a hand
  • Friendly and detailed exercise demonstrations for every session, so you’re never left overwhelmed or uncertain about what to do
  • Access to our members-only Facebook Group – a kind and empowering online community where we share experiences and genuinely get behind each other so we can face our fears and grow together

Want to find out if BUILD YOUR BASE is right for you?


In order to live a full and unencumbered life, we all need a strong base to work from. Whether you’re a complete beginner or fit as a fiddle, the BUILD YOUR BASE program will teach you how to look after your body’s joints and muscles so that you can move with ease.

The BUILD YOUR BASE program is for anyone who wants to enjoy life’s simple pleasures for longer. Maybe you enjoy gardening and want to be able to bend down to your garden beds until you’re well into your nineties or maybe you’re already in love with strength training and want to improve your technique for the years to come.

You can treat BUILD YOUR BASE as your sole focus for the four week program period or as an add on to your current exercise habits. Thinking BUILD YOUR BASE is the right move for you?

What will you achieve with BUILD YOUR BASE?

By the end of the four weeks, you’ll have learnt A LOT about your body, which will serve you well as you move on to your next phase of training – whether that’s one of our other programs or your own exercise preferences.

You’ll be more stable and coordinated in your day-to-day movement, and as a result, you’ll feel more confident in and proud of yourself (hello exercise endorphins!). You’ll also know how to look after your body in order to prevent injury and degeneration as you age.

Ready to feel more connected to your body than ever before?

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5 tips to building a strong core


Why is a strong core important?

Your core stabilises your body, allowing you to move in any direction, improving balance, preventing falls and allows your body to function properly.

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