Find Your Confidence – 6 Weeks

A fun and rewarding weekly workout program for women ready to feel more confident in themselves

What is included?

  • A weekly training program of 3-5 sessions, delivered via our mobile app every Sunday.
  • All exercises can be completed at home or in a gym of your choosing
    Access to our mobile app, where you can track your goals, progress and nutrition (should you wish to) + communicate directly with your coach if you need a hand
  • Friendly and detailed exercise demonstrations for every session, so you’re never left overwhelmed or uncertain about what to do
  • Access to our members-only Facebook Group – a kind and empowering online community where we share experiences and genuinely get behind each other so we can face our fears and grow together
  • Want to cancel or suspend your program? No worries here! Lock in contracts aren’t our style. Simply give us x days notice and we’ll get it sorted for you, fuss-free.

Want to find out if the FIND YOUR CONFIDENCE program is right for you?


This program isn’t for women that are looking to lose weight overnight…

Instead, this is a workout program for women that want to enjoy their exercise and feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. It’s for women that are ready to broaden their knowledge of strength training — whether you’ve dabbled in it before or are completely new.

The FIND YOUR CONFIDENCE program is for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves (physically and mentally), not only now but for years to come.

Thinking GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE is the right move for you?

Psst! Do you have a specific goal you’re chasing? (For example, a sporting goal, a fitness event or injury rehab.) If you do, we recommend checking out our POWER WOMEN program.

What will you achieve with GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE?

With GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE, you’ll discover the many, many, many benefits of strength training for womenYou’ll gradually improve your body’s resilience and develop correct form in order to prevent future injuries and your body’s natural degeneration as you age. 

This program has been designed to help you become the fittest, strongest, happiest, healthiest version of you – without asking you to prioritise one of those outcomes over the others. 

Ready to grow your self-confidence, not only in the gym but right across your life?

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