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Tips on transforming your body over 40

You can’t do anything about getting older but you can do many things to slow down the ageing process. 

If you are in your 40’s you might be thinking your best days are past – at least as far as your body is concerned. Energy, sleep, mood, hormones & injuries can play havoc over 40. 

What if I told you, you could actually be in the best shape and health of your life over 40? 

I see women in their 40’s have the best transformations… 


In your 40s, you have more time and resources to invest in yourself. 

In your 20s, your lifestyle didn’t support major transformations and your budget likely didn’t allow you to hire a coach. 

In your 30s you were probably too busy with kids or career (or both).

What I will tell you is you need to be ready to have a mindset shift about what your training & nutrition will look like in your 40’s. You are probably used to not eating for a few days and dropping a few kilos after a big weekend, or dropping carbs out for a few weeks and dropping a dress size, or adding some extra HIIT sessions for an event coming up. Well I am sorry to tell you these days are over, your over 40’s training & nutrition needs to look very different, although the plus side is you get to eat more all the time, you don’t need to train nearly as much, you can manage injuries better, and it is sustainable long term. 

Training Over 40

  • Have your posture and pelvic health assessed by a women’s health physiotherapist  
  • Do predominantly strength training 3-4 x per week, for 25-45 minutes. 
  • Have a program written for you by a coach & stay focused on your technique, joint health & mobility. Book free call with me today. 
  • Stop smashing yourself with the 20 yr olds in HIIT sessions 5 days a week. Your body and nervous system will thank you and you’ll actually lose less body fat this way. 
  • Work with a coach who specialises in women over 40 – sadly many coaches don’t understand this age bracket, and I hear stories and know of women doing things like kettlebell swings and ending up with pelvic prolapses and needing surgery. Join my Power Women Program. 

Nutrition Over 40

  • See your doctor for regular blood work, make sure you are getting all the right vitamins and have your hormone levels assessed as you enter peri-menopause. 
  • You need to address and probably adjust your protein intake, most women I see over 40 are not eating nearly enough protein. Protein is essential in aiding fat loss, maintaining muscle mass and bone density. And protein includes key nutrients such as collagen that enhances skin health. While young skin is firm, smooth and radiant, profound changes occur as you age. 1–1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. 
  • Eating is a low calories deficit and training too much will actually make your body hang onto excess body fat over 40. I start women over 40 on a lot higher calories than they have ever been on and they always get results, maintain or gain muscle and change their body composition. Less isn’t necessarily best. 
  • Put some thought into your gut health – there is a huge link between gut microbiome and your brain, as you hit 40 women suffer more hormonal changes which leads to more mental health issues, therefore maintaining a healthy gut should be on top of your list. 
  • Having a professional help you come up with your daily meals, working with a coach or dietician means you have an individualised program based around you and your goals. Join my Power Women Program. 

None of us like the thought of getting older but ladies please don’t torture yourself at the gym or with crash diets, they just wont work for you. It is ok to ask for help, it is ok to admit what you have done in the past is no longer working and it is ok to try something new. 

Much Love


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