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What Do You Let Decide Your Beauty Your Health and Your Confidence?

I used to weigh myself daily

Sometimes twice a day

Or even three times

I had a number in my head I expected to see when I stood on the scales and if it didn’t come up with this number it used to completely shape how my day went.

It would negatively impact my food choices, it would negatively impact my choice to train or my training session, it would negatively impact my self-talk and to top it off it would negatively affect my body image.

The day I stopped weighing myself was the day I gave my body and my mind some space to breathe, to relax, to take the pressure and focus off that tiny little number that completely controlled me.

Instead of worrying about a number on the scale; I instead focused on more important numbers like how much I could squat, how fast I could do 50 burpees, how many pull ups I could achieve, I also focused on how much food I required to perform all of the above skills.

I read a fitness professionals’ post today:

“Weighing yourself isn’t unhealthy. What’s unhealthy is associating your weight with your value as an individual. Weigh yourself to collect data. Don’t weigh yourself to judge yourself”.

I understand where he is coming from but I have also trained women for 15 years and been through my own journey and I think it can be really, really difficult for women not to base their entire self-worth based on that tiny number and I have had huge success with my beautiful tribe through changing their mindset from daily weigh ins, carb cutting, cardio crazy, low self-worth, into carb eating, weight lifting, body loving badass babes.

What you need to understand is that you are not defined by a number on a scale.

When you introduce yourself on the first day of at work you do not stand up and say “Hello I weigh 80kg with a body fat percentage of 32”

No, we introduce ourselves as letters; our name, our work history, what we want to do in life and our career.

You are not defined by a number.

I have spent the past 15 years in the gym and almost every day I see women get onto the scales, see whatever number pops up and have visible reactions (more often miserable). I see them sulk away and from personal experience, know that that number can ruin their entire day, week and future goals. No number should be able to have that effect on someone. EVER!

It should not have power over you.

The number on the scale does not show how hard you have trained. It does not show you the healthy weight you should be (that you came up with), that stupid freaking number does not show happiness or power. You are so much more brave than you think and more beautiful than you feel.

Weight is something that fluctuates so frequently throughout the month, week and even day that we cannot judge ourselves based on just that. There is water weight, bloating and a million other factors that go into that ignorant number. Your number beats into your head every day and those who are so unhappy with it often obtain some sort of eating disorder. Binging, anorexia, bulimia, overeating etc are all so common in today’s society that we do not blink an eye. It is all so looked past because we all feel it. Everyone has come to the understanding that these are the easiest ways to “fix” that number you have chosen for yourself. WRONG.

You are not something that needs to be fixed.

That number does not get to decide who you are.

It does not decide your beauty or health or confidence, you do.

I want to teach you not to fight and torture yourself in order to fit what society deems to be beautiful, I want you to learn that you don’t need to base your confidence and self-love on what you weigh, but instead I want you to value your body and your health and learn to take care of yourself long term.

Please ladies stop defining your self worth of tiny life sucking things in your bathroom and instead focus on building your self confidence, your fitness, your strength and most of all your health.

PS Whenever you’re ready to start I am here to help you with my online nutrition, training and mentoring programs.

Much Love


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