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Scared To Pack On The Kilos These Holidays

The Christmas festive season is in full swing, which for most, means a never-ending supply of delicious tasty calorie-dense food & more alcohol than usual. 

This time of year can cause anxiety around food & in particular weight gain. If you have weight loss goals, or you don’t want to lose all the gains you made this year in training. I am telling you it doesn’t have to fall apart just because it is Christmas and holiday season. 

I don’t believe Christmas is a good time for strict dieting nor having the time for long hard workout plans but I do think you can hang out in what I call “maintenance mode” for a few weeks while you enjoy this time with your family & friends.  

I won’t be restricting foods this Christmas nor will I be stressing if I miss a training session here and there but what I will be doing is being mindful of a few things throughout my time off, so here is my secret to “maintenance mode”. 

Change your mindset

Instead of going into the holidays feeling guilty about what you’re eating, or how many gym sessions you’re missing, how about instead you embrace the “maintenance mode” mindset NOW. You’ll need to tell yourself 

  • It’s ok to eat your favourite foods guilt free 
  • It’s ok to not make it to training/the gym as much as you usually do 
  • It’s ok to spend time with your loved ones without feeling guilty 
  • This is NOT going to ruin my long term results. 

Adapt these simple nutrition hacks throughout the holidays 

  • Eat some form of protein with every meal & snack you consume (this will fill you up longer & stop you craving sugary treats all the time) 
  • Have at least two serves of veggies each day 
  • Have at least 1 serve of fruit each day 
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water – NO NEGOTIABLE (It is summer in Australia you need to be hydrated) 

Move your body at least 4 x per week

  • Get you coach to write you a holiday program – you may not have access to your usual gym or equipment & that is ok, your coach can write you a holiday program to do anywhere, this take the thought out of having to think of what to do & you can continue to maintain some strength & fitness throughout your break. Book a FREE 30 minute call with me today and let’s get your holiday program sorted. 
  • Keep you daily steps up – choose a number and stick to it 10,000 is usually a good start, it’s such a nice time to relax and unwind and take naps, but if you are consciously making an effort to walk a little more each day this will ensure you are on track in your “maintenance mode” 

Make mobility & core training a holiday goal 

  • We all need more mobility in our lives & a stronger core. Why not set a little goal for yourself to do a daily stretch and/or core workout. Need help with this check out our Build Your Base Program for the holiday season and let’s build a strong core and a flexible body. 

Let’s write a list to remind yourself of these tips during your holidays 

  1. Drop the guilt 
  2. Eat your protein, veggies & fruit 
  3. Stay hydrated 
  4. Move at least 4 x per week 
  5. Keep your steps up 
  6. Make mobility and core your bi*t&h 

This is exactly what I will be following this holiday season so who’s with me?

We are all in this together, don’t make the holiday season a complete right off. Tams Tribe has you back, let us help you this holiday season Book your FREE 30 minute call and let’s get you a holiday program ready.

Much Love


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