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It’s a controversial topic to talk about these days as everyone has their own beliefs and in the nutrition world people seem to be even more stubborn to changing how they think. But to be honest changing how you think and what you believe might just be the key to getting you long lasting physical and psychological results. Here is my take on Nutrition, take in what you like and remember this is just my beliefs they are not gospel and like any good coach I am forever learning so I can better educate my clients. 1. What I tell my clients when they first ask for help with nutrition. I ask them to have an open mind, I ask them to try to forget what they have tried or believed in previously even if it worked (to be honest if it worked properly they wouldn’t be asking for my help now) be open to something new, open to change.

Nutrition is never one size fits ALL.

All our body composition is different and more so our minds are different. The best nutrition comes down to the one you can stick to the longest, that’s maintainable to your current lifestyle. If you like keto and you can stick to it long term then that’s great I’ll help you with it, if you like macros also awesome and I can teach you how to track them. Personally I prefer to teach clients how to listen to their own bodies, it’s an incredible machine that we don’t actually pay enough attention to, and to be honest you shouldn’t need me long term to tell you how to do this, you actually have all the tools in you to do it yourself.

How do Calories and macros work?

Calories are what primarily dictate your body composition. Whereas macros will primarily dictate how you feel. But how you feel is important to not only your performance but your adherence. So when you ask me what breakdown is best for muscle gain or fat loss. My answer would be muscle gain calorie surplus eat more than your body is burning daily, fat loss calories deficit, eat less than your body is burning daily. It’s much more simple than you think. What makes up the macros within those calories will only help with how you feel.

Marcos are great but what about micronutrients?

All the hype is around macros but a lot of people fail to educate on micronutrients. Vitamins and minerals are the two types of micronutrients. While only needed in small amounts, they play important roles in human development and well-being and are often not even addressed in modern dieting fads and these little buggers keep you alive.

Tackling your mind.

I would say the most important part of reaching any goals you have. Self love! If you don’t love yourself then you’re not going to care too much about taking care of your body. You need to switch your focus from eating for aesthetics purposes to eating for your health and your performance and because you care enough about yourself to do what’s best for your body. Make this switch in your brain and you’ll be unstoppable

Tam’s Advice in short – Have an open mind – Find what works for YOU long term – Choose calories to suit your goals and macros to give you energy. – Don’t forget your micronutrients – Sort your head out

Always here if you need advice or guidance.

Much Love


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