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Not Getting Results… This Could be Why

Exercising vs Training

Exercise is physical activity done for its own sake, either during the workout or immediately after it’s through. … In this context, Training is physical activity performed for the purpose of satisfying a long-term performance goal and is therefore about the process instead of the workouts themselves.

This is something I feel a lot of people need education on. Daily I am asked about why I am not longer getting results in my training or aesthetic goals. “But I have been doing the same gym class and eating the same calories for so long now and no change?”.⁣

Ok let me first explain why you may not be reaching your goals…..

The human body readily responds to change, our bodies adjust and adapt to everything we do to it, it is designed to do this. Which means when you begin an “exercising” which is what most people begin with, and reducing your calorie intake, of course your body will begin to adapt and change and sometimes this can happen quite quickly, so you are very satisfied with your results.

Then the longer you “exercise and diet” for the less results you begin to see, especially if your routine and diet don’t change too much. WHY? Because your body has now adapted to this routine and it no longer thinks it needs to work hard for change.

What do you need to do….

Start “training and eating for performance”, YES you will get to a point when “exercising and dieting” needs to change to performance-based goals if you really want to see long term changes. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to go to the “training & performance” level if you are happy just moving and eating healthy that’s fantastic, keep doing that a very much encourage this lifestyle. But if you are constantly frustrated, at your lack of results then it might be time to consider Training over just exercising.

How to start training….

Write some NEW fitness & strength gaols, get a professional coach or mentor, start a progressively overloaded program, start eating for performance.

Training is for life and it’s so damn rewarding.

People often ask what I am training for, my answer is ALWAYS for myself and my big ass training goals to get badass and strong and what am I eating for? So, I can perform at my best for my big ass training goals.

You see, the real difference between exercise and training lies with how you approach the activity, not the activity itself. So, don’t wait this year, set yourself some big scary TRAINING goals and get after them.

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