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My 10 Tips to Build Your Self Confidence

“Confidence starts with the acceptance of self” 

Building confidence isn’t about being the loudest person in the room or the life of the party, it’s about small daily habits that reinforce your self-acceptance, and knowing who you are.

Try my small daily changes to begin to grow your confidence.

1. Find your Passion

When you know what is meaningful to you, it will put a lot of other things into perspective. Because you know what’s important to you in life, you’ll be less worried about small social interactions and what others think.

2. Face your Demons

Get real with yourself on this one. Take some time to think about what you find most ugly about your character, we all have something we dislike about our character. Write it down, and then write next to it “I accept you; you may never surface without my permission, but you are part of my character and can come on my journey as I learn about myself”.

Pain only comes with resistance. So admit it and move on!

3. Adopt a Growth Mindset

Remember that there is no failure, only learning, self development and feedback. Adversity happens to us all, but you have the choice in how you let this affect your life moving forward. Make your goal for every task and encounter to learn something and you will succeed every time.

4. You’re not Alone

Remember that others are the same, nearly everyone is worried about what you think of them, or if they’re making a fool of themselves, as you may be. We think they are focusing on our mistakes, when all they are really doing is hoping you won’t notice theirs.

5. Congratulate Yourself

Spend more time on praise – for you. Focus on everything you have achieved in the past and all the things you are good at and achieve right now. Make self praise something you do daily. When you create this habit, there is little time for that little negative voice that sabotages your self esteem.

6. It’s not About You

Lack of confidence emerges when you worry about the judgement of others. Know that what other people do and say, even if it’s directed at you, is not about you. Their beliefs, opinions, values and prejudices were formed long before they met you – your merely provide the mirror.

7. Exercise

It will build self confidence more than anything else. When you feel physically fit and strong you will feel your strongest mentally. Exercise builds resilience, releases happy hormones and it also transforms your body, so you like what you see.

8. Help and Serve

As humans we naturally have a nurturing instinct. Approach every situation with a “help and serve” attitude. When you make it about other people and focus outside of yourself, there is no room for worrying about yourself.

9. Right now Isn’t Forever

Whatever situation you are going into that might challenge your confidence; remember that you have another life outside of that moment. It stops you from investing too much emotion then and there, and reminds you that you don’t need to live or die in the current situation.

10. Know Who you Are

Invest some time and effort discovering who you are – not your job, your family or friends, but who you are without those things. This kind of self knowledge gives you enormous strength, self acceptance and a strong sense of purpose.

Self confidence is the best outfit. ROCK IT, OWN IT

Much Love


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