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Ladies Do You Suffer From Gymintimidation?

If you answered yes then you are in the high percentage of women who also fear the gym.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated walking into the weights room or a new class you’re certainly not alone, it’s almost the first thing a new client will say to me. Over my years as a coach I have realised how a shocking number of women of all ages avoid the gym or suffer severe anxiety about stepping foot inside a gym especially the weights room. Is this you?

Well today I am going to help you break down your fears and feel confident in any gym environment, I have been doing this for years with my face to face clients and I doubt there is one female who has been coached by me that would fear any weights room ever again, I basically shake it out of you hehe. It’s something I am passionate about and determined to help as many women as I can with, because to be honest the fear isn’t actually the gym, it comes from deep within you and it’s confidence within yourself you need to uncover and once you do you will be unstoppable in all aspect of your life.

I would like to call this your debilitating gym – going ‘distorted ego’ and give you some TRUTHS about the thoughts you have….and increase your confidence in the gym and crush your fear of being judged.

1. “I am not fit enough to go to the gym”

Correct you are probably not fit right now, and yes there are a lot of fit people already at the gym, but let me ask you something? How do you think they got fit? Most of them weren’t always like that, they also wanted to get started just like you. You will find these will be some of the most supportive people when you start your journey because they have been in your exact shoes and felt all the same emotions and fears. You can’t get fit sitting at home thinking you’re not fit enough to go to the gym. Go to the gym!

2. “Everyone is going to stop what they are doing and judge me every moment I am there”

One of my favourites because if you have ever spent much time in a gym you will realise that ain’t nobody got the time, energy or mental capacity to focus on what you’re up to. Reality check the only one who cares is you. Everyone is so focused on themselves they couldn’t care less or they are thinking the exact same thing about themselves.

3. “I don’t know what I am doing”

No like any new thing you try, you first need to learn the basics, would you attempt to play an instrument without lessons, or put a piece of furniture together without reading the instructions? NO! So the gym is no different, don’t waste your money on a cheap gym membership and never even go, cause you fear not knowing what to do, in the long run you will save yourself money, prevent injury and get results if you get professional help from the start, most gyms have coaches and classes and these days you get the added bonus of online coaching with video demos and everything. Go with a plan so you’re not walking around aimlessly feeling vulnerable and not wanting to ever return.

They might look scary but I am the worst one of them all hehehe. Our pose when the photographer said act tough!

4. “I am scared to go alone”

Going anywhere for the first time can be daunting for sure. I know the gym I work at scares girls half to death sometimes, you walk in and there is truck tyres lined up out the front and as you step foot inside there is people everywhere who all look like they know what they are doing (they don’t all know, some are just like you). Bringing a friend is always a great way to feel more comfortable in this situation, but this isn’t always possible for people, so alternatively, contact the management team and go down for a consultation when it’s less busy to get a feel for the facility, or book a personal training session with a coach so when you arrive you have someone to go to and feel comfortable with. Also gym people are really friendly and open, talk to people they will almost always say hello back and engage you in the group conversation and activities.

Now that we have cleared up your biggest fears, here are some extra tips to help build your confidence and have you smashing the gym in no time.


Find a gym that there main aim is community, when you plan on attending classes it’s important to choose a facility that really looks after their members and makes you feel welcome and comfortable in the environment. Most places do free week trails this is a good way to try them out, suss out the coaches and see if you like the feel of the place and the people, environment matters.

Personal Training

Do your research on coaches in your area/online, most will have Instagram, Facebook, websites, read the reviews, interact with them online, text or call them and ask for a sit down consult, I do sit downs with every new client prior to training them to make sure our values align and we make a good match. It’s important to trust and have a good relationship with your coach, you wouldn’t just let any old hairdresser dye your hair, well same applies for coaches, do your research. It’s not a one size fits all.


If you’re still unsure about stepping foot in a gym, consider doing a little at home program first, I often write body weight programs for women who just want to get moving, it can give them just enough confidence to get themselves in the gym door. Again having that mentor behind you will always help you overcome your fears.

So remember too….

Take a big deep breath.

What you’re thinking is also what half the other people there are also feeling.

Find a community you feel comfortable in, find a mentor or coach to help your confidence.

Have a plan for when you start or go with a friend.

Get help you are a beginner you need to learn the basics.

Talk to strangers I promise you will make some of your best friends at the gym when you realise they are just as terrified as you are and you get to share your pain with or talk about what level of crazy you think your coach is.

I love nothing more than seeing girls dominate the gym and especially the weights room it happens often at the gym I work at Purebred Fitness, I often look around and there isn’t a single boy in there and 10 + girls doing deadlifts and bicep curls and most of the girls there started feeling just like you, but now if you asked them how they feel they about them gym they would most definitely answer I can’t live without it and I love this place.


Much Love


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