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I Eat To Train, Not Train To Eat

Did you know you’ve been doing this nutrition thing the wrong way around for years ladies…..?

You look at food as your biggest enemy, something you battle with each day, something you lack control over.

So why is this?

Because you’re viewing food in all the wrong light… you’ve given food a bad name, you’ve shamed it, you’ve tried to out exercise it, you’ve deprived yourself of it, you’ve cut out certain foods, you’ve labelled foods good & bad, you’ve told yourself “food is your biggest struggle” Well dear lord, who wouldn’t be struggling with something they had put so much negative energy towards. Ladies you have to stop thinking about food this way, it’s literally has to stop for you to be at peace with food & your body.

I eat to train, yep that’s right I consciously think about what I put in my body so it betters my training, & my performance, so it makes me sleep better, & recover better, so it betters my health & prolongs my life. Im not striving to be lean or shredded, I don’t feel good when I sit at a low body fat percentage & to be truly honest it’s not healthy for most women, we need some body fat to be healthy.

So please ladies, stop trying to train off your food, shame food, hate food, or try to out train what you eat. Doing all of these is the reason you’re in a constant battle with yourself day in & day out.You’re honestly not going to care when you’re 80 yes old about how shredded you were that summer, instead you’ll remember the family meals you enjoyed, the dates you had with your partner, the cake you ate with your kids, stop dieting & start living.

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Much Love


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