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How To Sync Your Workouts With Your Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever thought about how your training or results might be affected by your menstrual cycle? ⁠

I want to help you optimise your food & exercise during your menstrual cycle phases. ⁠

Cycle syncing what is it? It’s is a practice whereby you alter your exercise routine around different phases of your menstrual cycle to support and optimise how you feel & perform. ⁠

Our hormones change daily during our menstrual cycle – our energy is affected, our moods change, our body changes, even our strength and flexibility changes. Yet with all this change occurring daily, as women we often expect to feel the same and to be able to perform the same daily. For a lot of women this can feel frustrating, like our body is working against us (something I used to feel). ⁠

The idea behind cycle syncing is to work with our body, work with our flow, not against it. And by doing this we are in a better position to achieve the results we are after – improved energy, better moods, improved body composition, reduced period problems, better performance, better results – by supporting the production, (or metabolism and detoxification) of hormones at different stages of our cycle.⁠

I think this topic needs to be more widely spoken about & understood by women. So we don’t feel like we are constantly on an uphill battle with our training throughout our cycle, & left some days wondering why we feel weak, sore & utterly exhausted. ⁠

Try some of the tips I provided this next cycle & see how you feel. Next time I’ll talk be talking about nutrition around your cycle so stand by ⁠

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*this is just a guide I realise we all have different length cycles & some medical issues can change cycles also but use this as a guide only & speak with your Dr before you make any major changes to training or diet.

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