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Ever Feel Envious Of A Toddlers Squat Position They Seem To Do So Effortlessly?

Let’s talk about why you need to bring more mobility into your training for better results 

Mobility matters because of the way it impacts our lives, generally the older we get the less mobile we become. 

Ageing affects muscle mass and strength, bone density, and can make joints stiffer and less flexible due to reduction of cartilage thickness. As we age, muscles, bones and joints undergo physiological changes that affect mobility and which can ultimately impact our independence.

Sure we can’t stop ageing but we can limit the amount of mobility we lose by making sure we continue to work throughout full ranges of motion in our daily tasks and in our workouts. 

People tend to use mobility training when they feel tight, stiff or have an injury but how about also using it as a preventative for all of those things. 

If you want your body to be strong and functional and pain free then you need it to be mobile. Our Power Women Program involves weekly mobility programmed in so you can move better, get stronger and live pain free. 

Here are my 3 tips to getting started on improving your mobility and flexibility…

Address your joint mobility 

If your joints are lacking mobility this is going to affect the way your body moves, how the muscles function around the joint and it can cause the joint itself to degenerate, making it inefficient and unreliable in functionality. 

Start with simple daily drills 

You don’t need to over complicate or overdo mobility, just choose 2-3 drills per day to start working on, this might be a deep wall squat, or some thoracic rotations on the foam roller. Every little bit counts when it comes to mobility. 

Add mobility into your warm ups

Instead of just jumping on a bike or doing a few booty exercises why not add in some mobility drills into your warm ups, my warm ups always include mobilising my joints I will be using during that training session like for back squat day I would be doing ankle/calf mobility, hip mobility, thoracic mobility

Lastly stop doing exercises you don’t have the mobility for yet, mobility training is strength training, if you can only do a ¼ depth squat stop adding weight to the bar and start working on your mobility in squats. When we don’t move through the full range of motion we lose the ability to do so, you just will not get stronger when your mobility is limited.

Let’s make this the year you work on becoming the best version of yourself and it starts right here. Power Women Program will get you the results you have always wanted, gain strength, grow muscle, learn to love your body and take care of it you won’t regret taking this step to becoming a better you, Book your FREE 30 minute Discovery call and let’s work together.

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