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Do You Struggle With Your Food On Weekends

Do you feel like you just fall completely off the wagon with food on weekends?

Do you weight yourself Monday & freak the hell out?

Have you said this

“Well I’ve ruined it now”

“What’s the point I have to many things on”

“Ill just start again on Monday”

Maybe you’ve completely given up. One big meal, one over indulging weekend won’t ruin all your results, actually you probably won’t put on any actual body fat, the weight you see on the scales is just extra water retention & if you just picked back up ate well, exercised & got hydrated again you’d probably see them go down after a few days. What ruins your results is when you roller coaster from super low calorie, to super high calories ALL THE TIME. When you have the “oh stuff it” mentality & when you just throw in the towel all together.

Here are a few things to help next time you feel like throwing in the towel⁣

Your attitude matters, change it to “I really want to make long term habit changes”, “Im going to mess up sometimes but that’s ok, I can learn a lot from this”, “this is a lifestyle change”. Believe in yourself & do this differently.

Mid week you’ll tend to have a set routine & you’ll drink all your water but weekend & social events throw you off. Being dehydrated can make you hungry, & crave foods you might not need to eat. So easy fix stay hydrated and it will reduce bloated, puffy feelings especially if your nutrition has a little mishap.

Ah this old chestnut. “So I’m going to have a bug night out, so I just won’t eat today” no don’t ever do this. It will actually make everything feel much worse & you’ll end up eating/drinking even more calories. Just stick to the norm, eat all your meals then have the meal out too. Never ever skip Cals and save them for later.

Be organised, take healthy snacks with you wherever you go, if you keep up some good nutrients along with the social food, your body will feel much better & you’ll be less likely to overindulge.

The more you stress about your food the worse decisions you’ll make

Don’t be so hard yourself ladies.

Join my Tribe to better your knowledge on living a happy healthy life.

Much Love


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