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Do You Self Sabotage

Do you self-sabotage?

This used to be me to…

Someone who’s bent on self-sabotage is hard to love.

If you want to save the world from sinking, first pull yourself up and escape yourself from drowning. Your relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life….Imagine if you treated yourself the way you would treat the people you love the most in your life? If you gave yourself this kind of love you would transform your whole world.

You’ve been criticising yourself for most of your life, why don’t you try loving and approving of yourself for a change can’t hurt trying right…?If you think you are the only one feeling this way, you are wrong. Almost every woman I speak to tells me they are in a constant battle of self-sabotaging behaviours & this used to be me.

On the left I used to be always dieting, over training, drinking away my weekends, I thought I was “having fun” but I wasn’t I was just hiding from my truths & sabotaging my future. I chose to pick up & change.

Isn’t it time to change?

Wouldn’t you rather do life differently? Wouldn’t you rather stop this cycle?

YOU CAN! It will take time and patience but it’s possible to love yourself and be happy and content with the women you are, & you can actually START NOW in this very moment, you can choose to stop hating on yourself, stop crushing your own dreams. You need to stand up to yourself NOW & say

“Girl you’ve got this”

“Girl I believe in you”

“Girl I have got your back”

“Girl I love you”

Simple but true. Self-growth comes when you stop self-sabotaging yourself & only you have the power to control it… Want to change your self-sabotaging ways in 2021?

Join me & my tribe & start your journey today.

Much Love


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