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5 Things Everyone Needs To Know (To Get Results Consistently)

I am going to guess you hit the new year with some hard training & dieting goals?

Am I right?

Suddenly January hits and you get bombarded with marketing & advertising about fat loss diets, new training plans, cheap gym memberships, you are targeted because over Christmas you’ve enjoyed time with your family & friends, you eaten and drunk more than usual so those companies consider you an easy target.

Take a step back this week and just observe the ads going around on social media, email, TV, you’ll find it scary how. many of them are targeted at you, trying to make you feel guilty for enjoying your holidays.

How about making this year different to all the rest, how about instead of constantly starting again you found a way to exercise & eat well that you can do for a lifetime.

5 crucial things you MUST DO this year…

Stop doing exercise you hate

The amount of times I hear women tell me they hate certain styles of exercise but they continue to do them because they once got them results or because Sue down the street said it worked for her, or they saw it on an influencers page so it must work. Just stop! When was the last time you stuck with anything you hated. NEVER! You don’t have to smash yourself or your body with running or HIIT if you don’t like it, I have switched so many cardio queen to lovers strength & their bodies and minds are better for it.

Stop feeling guilty about the food you eat

You should NEVER feel guilty for the food you eat. It’s important to understand on a logical level, that there is no true need to feel guilt or shame about your food choices. A well-balanced diet includes all types of food. Food for nourishment, as well as enjoyment. It also honours the many roles food plays in our lives. From nourishing our bodies on a cellular level, to tradition and culture. We eat to thrive, not to just survive.

Build a strong support network

As humans we thrive most when we feel supported by others on our journeys. Your health journey is no different, you’ll have highs and lows and you’ll need someone to bounce things off, and you’ll need a team of professionals to educate you. I have multiple people in my team from coaches, too physios, to massage therapist, to sports doctors even down to friends and family that support my journey.

Stop setting short timelines

No one in my 17 years in the fitness industry has anyone got good results when they set a short timeline to achieve them, I won’t lie it takes months and even years to build habits, & behaviours. But these habits and behaviours are what shape YOU, these are the reasons you can sustain your results long term. Forget the 30 Day Shred, 8 – Week Challenges these will give you a touch of instant gratification but they won’t get you lifelong results.

Forget everything you’ve ever learned

Sounds extreme I know, but you have been conditioned by the fitness and health industry for years, not only that your parents were conditioned by them first and then you learned from them. If you really want to change the way you view health and fitness you’re going to need to rewire your brain, you’re going to have to un-learn some of these thoughts and behaviours because these are the things holding you back. The little voice in your head that says “carbs are the enemy”, “cardio is best for fat loss”, “don’t eat after 8pm”, “No Pain, No Gain”, “Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky”, “Detoxing helps you lose weight”, “Morning workouts increase metabolism” and the BS list goes on and one. Sound familiar. Time to start with a fresh slate in 2023.

I know these aren’t sexy, these aren’t salesy, these aren’t going to give you instant results, but these 5 things are the truth, these are the things my ladies at Tams Tribe consistency hear, learn & implement & this is why some of them have been coaching with me for years and years, because this isn’t quick fix this is something we can do for life and not to mention enjoy.

Change you mindset towards your health goals in 2023 you won’t regret it. Book FREE Call with me today and let’s talk about how to get you your best results yet.


Much Love


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